Established in 1997, we are a family-owned company driven by our passion for creating high-quality and demanding products from stainless steel. We specialize exclusively in the transformation of stainless steel (inox, RF, stainless steel) sheet metal.

Our unwavering commitment to improving the quality of our products has driven us to partner with companies abroad. We primarily work with businesses in the European Union, including Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and more. As of now, exports make up 85% of our annual turnover, and our primary objective is to increase this figure further. With our exceptional standards of quality and precision, we have been serving the most demanding industries, such as water technology, plastics, food, laboratory equipment, medicine, and pharmacy for over two decades.

We also produce various industrial products:

  • hoppers,
  • tanks,
  • pressure vessels,
  • housings,
  • trolleys,
  • sliders,
  • covers,
  • frames,
  • producing products of stainless steel according to the wishes of our customers (project, sketch, sample, …).

We are committed to ensure that development never stagnates, which is why new projects are always a welcome challenge for us. Our passion for tackling technically complex pieces means that finding solutions to difficult problems is never an issue. When it comes to our products, we excel at producing technically demanding products for individual production or small series at low cost.

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